Original Gourmet Company Limited is committed to providing customers around the world with premium quality, certified organic food and raw materials.

Our company has established good connection with organic farms and local exporters in China and around the world. Aim to perform good management & monitoring on food quality, food processing and logistic arrangement.

Original Gourmet Company mainly import and export of following organic food and ingredients:

  • Organic Dry Food

  • Organic mushroom (e.g. organic shiitake mushroom, Common morel)

  • Organic dried fruits and organic nuts (e.g. : organic gojiberry and organic almonds)

  • Organic juice concentrate and organic drinks (retail pack)

  • Organic grains (e.g. : organic soya bean and organic black soya bean)

  • Organic fruit

  • Organic vegetables

  • Organic Chinese Herbs Medicine

  • Organic seafood and certified sustainable seafood.

  • Organic Sugar

  • Organic coffee

  • Organic food raw materials (e.g. : organic soy lecithin and organic rice protein)

  • Organic edible oils (e.g. : organic flaxseed oil)

  • Organic IQF fruits

  • Organic feed

The above mentioned organic food and raw materials are available with international recognized organic certification.